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5 Amazing Subreddits to Visit

by Ryan Cong

Reddit, perhaps the greatest social media platform ever invented, is unsurprisingly, a gold mine of good content. That makes it the ideal place to spend free time. Today, I will present to you 5 of the best subreddits in my opinion. Some are popular ones that you may have heard of, and some are slightly less popular ones that you should definitely join. Without further ado, here are some subreddits to binge on.


This subreddit is the peak of comedy. Almost every post on there is well-designed, funny, and will make you laugh. Whether you are having a bad day and need something to cheer you up, or just want to laugh, this subreddit is perfect. I often find myself scrolling through here for long periods of time because every post is unique. Some alternatives for this subreddit include r/dankmemes and r/funny, but I believe that this one is the best. 


Quite like the previous sub, this one is also meant for entertainment. There are a lot of unique and humorous posts. However, this one thing that sets this sub apart from r/memes is that every post has a unique twist. Something that will make you say “hold up”. However, do keep in mind that this is a subreddit full of dark humor, so if you are easily offended, this is not the sub for you. 


Oh, how fun! Another funny subreddit. Here, you can find all kinds of things that you have never considered before. Every post here will make you laugh and ponder life at the same time: a perfect blend of knowledge and humor. Posts like “The asteroid that ended the dinosaurs was technically the highest ratio of killing birds to one stone in Earth’s history.” are what makes my days. To top it all off, the sub has a whopping 22 million members, making it one of the most popular subreddits on the platform. 


This one is very different from the previous ones mentioned because it is actually educational. The entire point of this subreddit is to explain difficult tasks in the simplest way possible. Sometimes, this can lead to very humorous posts that are also very educational. It is a great place to ask questions, too. You can always expect great and easy-to-understand responses from knowledgeable people.

Choose your own!

Reddit is a huge place, and there is almost a subreddit dedicated to every topic! Whether it is your favorite game, tv show, anime, book, or anything else, there is most likely a subreddit about it. You can connect with all kinds of people with similar interests, and make lots of friends. However, remember one thing, and that is to not spend too much time on it. You want something to keep you entertained when you are bored, not something to waste your precious time on!


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