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5 Tips for Nurturing Your Friendships

by Tianze Li

Whether you are introverted or extroverted, you probably need some interaction and basic human contact. While some people come and go, others become life-long friends. Here are some tips for nurturing your friendships to keep them strong.

1. Listen

Instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next, listen to your friend when they shares something to you. After all, time and attention is the most valuable gift you can ever give to a friend.

2. Show Appreciation

As you become familiar with your friend, it’s easy to take them and what they do for granted. Make sure to express how you feel, and take actions that show how well you know and care for them.

3. Make Time

If you find every text you send to your friend to be asking for their favor, you should probably put things on pause and make time in your busy schedule to really hang out with them. Otherwise it makes it look as if you don’t really care about them, and instead just want to be with them when you need them. 

4. Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is vital to maintaining healthy friendships because they keep bitterness and resentment from growing. Making your boundaries clear will let your friend know how you want to be treated, and vice versa.

5. Let go

It’s human nature to grow, change, and evolve over years of life. Sometimes, friendships come and go as a natural transition of growing apart. Heartbreaking as it is, letting go is a necessary part of moving on. 

Studies have shown that people live longer when they have meaningful relationships, which are incredibly important for our mental wellbeing. Just as we put time and effort into homework, sports, and family, it is worth investing in our friendships.

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