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6 Interactive Activities over Zoom

by Alicia Qin
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many schools and other activities online, and many of us have struggled with being able to sit in front of a computer screen and focus on a subject when there isn’t any interaction. Whether you are teaching a class, giving a presentation, or leading any other type of virtual meeting, giving your audience a chance to interact with the subject matter will dramatically increase interest, so here are six different activities that you can potentially incorporate into your next Zoom meeting!

1. Games

If you’re looking for a way to do team bonding virtually, there are plenty of group games that you can try to play with your team! Playing team games through a virtual call helps increase discussion and interactivity among members of your team. The following is a list of potential games to play:

  • Skribbl.io
    • Skribbl.io is an online pictionary game that allows one player to draw a specified word and everyone else to try and guess what the word is. In a private room, the maximum number of players is 12.
  • Among Us
    • Among Us is an iOS and Android game that follows the same format of the classic game of Mafia. Players can join simultaneously on their own devices and play along. The maximum number of players is 10.
  • Bingo
    • There are plenty of ways to play the classic game of bingo virtually. At the linked site, you can create your own bingo boards and play with up to 30 players for free

2. Jamboard

Google Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard feature that is perfect for sharing ideas and collaborating on projects together. The sticky note feature is one of the most popular tools, but users can also draw on the screen using the varied pen tools or type their ideas into text boxes. Multiple users can edit the board at the same time, so whether it’s a warm-up activity or an in depth problem, Jamboard is a perfect way to incorporate interactivity into virtual meetings.

3. Kahoot

Kahoot is a classic quiz-style game that can actually be easier played online rather than in person. Each participant joins the game using either a computer, phone, or tablet. While screen-sharing, the host displays each question and its multiple choice answers, and each participant chooses their answer on their own devices. Points are awarded based on speed and accuracy, leading to a simple yet light-hearted competition among participants.

4. Quizizz

Similar to Kahoot, Quizizz is a platform that allows participants to join individually on their own devices and select responses to a series of questions. However, unlike Kahoot, participants work through the questions at their own pace, and their results are transmitted live to the screen of the host. Quizizz is a great way for teachers to assess which topics need to be reviewed without putting stress on students to answer the questions as quickly as possible.

5. Arts and crafts

Although a bit more tricky, there are plenty of simple crafts and DIYs that can be done together over Zoom using materials that can be found around the house, such as scissors, paper, tape, pencils, etc. The following is a list of ideas that can get you started, but you can always choose to get creative!

6. Polls

A built-in Zoom feature that is often underrated is the poll feature, which you can create before the meeting starts and launch at any time during the meeting. Of course, if you are uncomfortable with using Zoom polls, there are a variety of other polling applications that you can use as well, such as Google Forms, Poll Everywhere, or Poll Junkie.

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