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Holiday Cards For the Community!

by Harold Wu

mYeBEAT is proud to announce, we are bringing back the Holiday Cards for the community program!

Christmas is just around the corner, and we want to reach out to everyone in the community to help you make the most memorable gift! mYeBEAT is excited to announce that the Holiday Card program will be returning this year. With the amazing response we received from the community last year, we couldn’t help but make even more templates and ideas for you to choose from. Christmas photos hold a special meaning, as this holiday only happens once a year, and mYeBEAT wants to help everyone make it even more special with a personalized card for you to send to the ones you love the most!  

If you would like us to make your family a Holiday Card for free, place your order based on the templates below by December 18th and you will receive it back by December 20th. Please limit it to two card orders per family so we can allow as many families as possible to get back some Holiday cheer!

Privacy policy: we take privacy extremely seriously. Your photo will not be shared with any other sources without your permission.

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