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Are All-Nighters Actually Good for you?

by Sherry Li

Students and adults often pull all-nighters to make up for the unproductiveness in the morning. It becomes a habit and affects your mental health. Today, we are going to discuss whether all-nighters are actually good and the effects of constantly pulling all-nighters.

Pros and Cons of All-Nighters

  • Get work done before the deadline
  • Some people are more productive at night and it benefits them
  • All-nighters will be more effective if you plan ahead so that you don’t waste time. This allows the person to be more effective and use their time properly.
  • Some people are more used to all-nighters and would actually be more productive at night in a quiet environment. The silence allows them to focus better and finish the work they need to finish.
  • Humans require a minimum of seven-eight hours of sleep each day in order for the body and brain to be able to function properly. Even just one single night of missed sleep can increase forgetfulness, and make it more difficult to focus the next day
  • Professors at the Imperial College of Medicine in London conducted a study centered on university students. study reported university students on average have all-nighters around 2.7 days per month!
  • Increase blood pressure
  • Decrease ability to fend off diseases
  • Things learned during all-nighters will be forgotten the next morning making them ineffective.
  • can cause you to have sleep debt
  • May affect your mood the next day

How to Prevent All-Nighters

  • Planning ahead before your all-nighter can increase productivity and allows you to use that time to the fullest
  • Try to get as much work done in the morning so that you have less work at night
  • Leave the most important tasks in the morning so you have less work at night
  • Take a short nap (30min- 1 hour) in the afternoon before your all-nighter so you get at least some sleep
  • Energy drinks may be helpful but too much will make you have a high energy level and cause even more damage to your body

In conclusion, all-nighters are not good for you and should be avoided as much as possible (but if you have an urgent deadline it’s okay to have one in a while ;).


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