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Are Robots Creative?

by Luke Shen

Arguably, people say that robots cannot be creative. Interestingly enough, in the past three years, there have been several AI that have succeeded in the field of art and music. For example, David Pogue of Scientific American talks about an AI called Amper Music. According to David, this software does a spectacular job of creating “background tracks” or “mood music”. The AI uses a series of algorithms to create depending on length and structure, beats per minute, instrumentation, and mood.

Another interesting AI was reported by Sigal Samuel, who talked about an AI developed by Marcus Du Sautoy which created a painting that sold for $432.5K at an auction. Talk about success! What is interesting is that some aspects of appeal in music and art can be broken down with coding and computing algorithms!

However, a common concern about these AI is that they may be used to replace the artists and musicians of the world. Marcus Du Sautoy, like others, agrees that these programs and code shouldn’t be regarded as threats to the bank accounts of creators, but seen more as tools that creators can use to further enrich their pieces. So, for aspiring artists and musicians, don’t worry! Your future career awaits!




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