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by Jasmine Wu & Ann Zhang

If you’ve ever walked by a Lush store, you’ve probably seen the pyramids of pastel-colored snowballs resting on wooden displays. The perfumed scents were probably almost overpoweringly strong, and wafted out the doors every time someone opened them. These magically spheres are called bath bombs, and they’re much more relaxing than they initially sound. Instead of being surrounded by ash and the scattered shards of your bathtub, you’ll have the chance to bath in glittery, soapy water.

The main ingredients in a bath bomb include sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, and citric acid, both of which are great for your skin! When they combine in the water, they create carbon dioxide bubbles and the fizzy effect that makes the water nice and bubbly.

If you really want to step up your spa-day game, try clearing out several hours in your schedule specifically for taking a bath or listening to music. Several nice towels or a bathrobe and slippers will make things feel really professional, and candles are always fun! Just pick whatever makes you feel best. Be aware that colored bath bombs may leave some residue on the tub, so be sure to rinse it off after your bath to avoid staining.

Bath bombs often have a theme, comprised of scents, colors, essential oils, and even glitter. For example, a tropical bath bomb might smell like pina coladas, contain yellow and blue swirls, blood orange essential oils, and gold glitter.

The oils inside of bath bombs are very moisturizing, and can make your skin feel really soft. Baking soda is a basic substance, which means it has a pH of above 7. This means it is very effective at removing toxins and oils from your skin. The warm water can also help you decompress and relieve muscular tension.

So try one out! Hopefully you’ll like it.

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