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BreathV – Meditation music

by Angela Xu

Since quarantine started, everyone has had lots to do. Taking care of your family, worrying about school and grades, and making sure to stay away from the virus. It is important to relax everyday to balance out your work and your free time. Meditation is an amazing way to calm down and relax. BreathV is a youtube channel that features some amazing meditation chimes to listen to and study, do work, and of course, meditate too!

 Here are two of my favorite chimes from BreathV: 

I like this song a lot because of the birds in the background as well as the amazing waterfall animation. I like using calming songs like this when studying to help me focus. It is also very relaxing and almost sleepy! 

Here is another song that I enjoy a lot! This song is especially good to listen to before sleeping because it is low sounding and not too high pitched. Meditating with this song is really calming and very easy to focus on.

For more songs by BreathV, here is the link to their Youtube channel: BreathV

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