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Chess: The Perfect Way to Relax

by Yule Xie

Many view chess as something rigorous and challenging. After all, a chess game may seem to be filled with tension and pressure. However, as a chess player myself, I am confident to declare that chess can actually be quite enjoyable. In fact, I believe that chess can be a top choice for fun and pleasure, especially when you are playing it casually by yourself or with others. Why? From my experience, I have seen significant benefits chess can bring to one’s mental health, such as helping people to calm down, as well as building positive relationships through the intriguing board game.

First, chess is an excellent tool to overcome anxiety. For example, whenever I feel stressed about difficult homework problems, I take a break and play a couple of fast chess games online. This has been an extremely effective method to help me calm down because it refreshes my mind and oftentimes I would have a better insight. Additionally, chess can be quite relaxing. In the summer, for example, I enjoy setting up a chess board in my backyard and studying interesting tactics under the nice weather, which is very comfortable and therefore an important part of my self care activities. Try it out! Chess would definitely bring true pleasure and joy.

Most importantly, self care through chess can be seen easily as it promotes friendship and allows people to spend quality time together. Chess brings two players face to face with each other, unlike many video games, where you likely cannot even see your friends. During a chess game, each position’s secrets bring a friendly, lively and interactive environment that will definitely have a positive impact on the relationship with others.

Therefore, when you have a party with your friends next time, consider playing some chess together!


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