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Chocolate Mousse

by Harrison Wu

Chocolate Mousse



The Chocolate Mousse was created in America in 1892. In French, Chocolate Mousse is pronounced  “Mousse au Chocolat”. In French, Mousse actually means Froth and Foam. The Chocolate Mouse is a creamy chocolate that is used in many desserts such as cake, pie, or just eating it by itself. This simple recipe will make friends and family smile and will turn heads. With easy to find ingredients, you can make it with things just found in your fridge!





Mixer of some sort





1 ⅛ cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips

¼ cup of liquid: cup of coffee heavy whipping cream


Egg Yellow mixture:

8 Egg Yolks

½ cup sugar



⅛ cup sugar

8 Egg Whites

Pinch of salt


Whipped Cream:

½ cup of heavy whipping cream

1/16 cup of sugar

To make the Ganache pick a specified liquid and your chocolate together into a glass bowl.

Then, in a pot, boil some water on medium heat. After the pot boils, put your glass bowl on the stove like so…

As the bowl starts to heat up your chocolate will start to melt. As it melts, use a paddle or whisk to mix the chocolate and liquid together.

Once you mix the mixture enough so there are no more chocolate bits, take the bowl off the stove because you’ve made a Ganache.

In a bowl or your stand mixer add 8 egg yolks and ½ cup of sugar. Then mix them together until there is no more sugar on the bottom of your bowl and your mixture is this lemon like color.

After, mix your ganache and egg yolk mixture together.

The third thing we will be making is a simple meringue 

First put your egg and salt into a bowl. Then slowly, while mixing add your ⅛ cup of sugar into the bowl. Slowly the mixture will start to thicken into a white cloud. Once you’ve added all the sugar and the mixture can max stiff peaks like these,(see below),stop mixing.

Then add the Chocolate mixture you’ve made with the ganache and egg yolks with the meringue. A little at a time slowly fold your 2 mixtures together until the meringue is fully incorporated with the chocolate mixture.

The final thing we need to make is whipped cream. This will be the easiest of the steps.

All you have to do is whip your heavy whipping cream and sugar until you have an airy but soft solid.

After mixing everything together you have your Chocolate Mousse.

If your product did not come out as it was supposed to remember Baking is all about change and adjusting.


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