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Christmas Movies!

by Ryan Cong

It is December and we all know what is coming: Christmas. Whether you are a kid giddy for presents under the tree, or a parent dreading having to wake up at 4 am, we are all aware that Christmas is approaching, slowly but surely. Of course, what would Christmas be without a nice movie to keep you entertained for hours? In my opinion, nothing brings people together like watching a movie, and Christmas is all about getting together. Today, we will be going over some of the most iconic Christmas movies as well as some that are not as popular but are just as good. Without further ado, behold, must-watch Christmas movies! 

1. Home Alone Series

Absolutely one of the most classic series, these movies are masterpieces. Their fun-filled stories carry deep messages, appealing both to the young and old. Their ability to create laughter and a great mood is unparalleled, and the way that they loosen the atmosphere is amazing. In fact, when one thinks of a Christmas movie, their brain almost always jumps to these movies. The fact that this movie kept me laughing nonstop at two robbers being tricked by a kid for 10 minutes straight is very, very impressive

2. Krampus

Now if you are looking for a different twist on the generic Christmas movie, this one is great. Labeled as a Horror movie, this movie certainly lives up to its rating. Do be aware that this movie is rated PG-13, however. Throughout the film, there are some frightening scenes and just a little bit of blood. Definitely not recommended for young children. However, this is a very interesting film, telling us all about the monster on the dark side of Christmas Who will come for you this December 25th? You better hope that it’s Santa and not this guy.

3. Daddy’s Home Series

Now this is a series that never fails to bring a smile to my face. These movies about family drama can always make me laugh. Although I haven’t watched all of these movies, I can certainly confirm that they are worth watching. Do keep in mind that this isn’t as child-friendly as Home Alone, containing lots of profanity and some scenes not necessarily PG. However, there is a serious problem with these movies, and that is that there are not enough dad jokes! How can there be 2 fathers in the movies and so few dad jokes? 

4. Elf

Who hasn’t heard of this one? This film is so popular that even though it was made in 2003, it is still being shown in theaters! This movie is entertaining and family-friendly, and I can never get sick of rewatching it. The adventures of Buddy the Elf will never cease to make me and my family laugh. The messages that this movie conveys about family and Christmas carry deep meanings, giving it the perfect balance of humor and story. In short, this is the perfect movie. It is simply impossible to go wrong with watching it.

And that, my friends, is the end of this short list. However, this doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the world of Christmas movies. With more and more coming out every year, I have a feeling that Christmas is going to be great this year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everybody!


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