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Coconut Water

by Yule Xie

Coconut is one of my favorite fruits. It grows on trees and has an extremely hard outer layer.


Depending on where you live, fresh coconut may/may not be available throughout the year because it is a tropical fruit. However, you will likely find drinks called “coconut water” on the shelves of supermarkets (like Costco). What are they? This article will talk about coconut water and its potential health benefits.


As you probably already know, coconut water is the clear “water” like liquid that is found inside coconuts. If you have ever used coconuts in cooking, you have probably seen coconut water when you open a coconut. Note – coconut water (the liquid) is not exactly the same as coconut milk (where the solid part of the coconut is also used).


Image Source: Britannica


If you have ever tried coconut water, you will notice that it is not that sweet – according to ClevelandClinic (Featured Image Source), coconut water does not have much sugar or calories. This could potentially make it a healthier option compared to soda.


Additionally, according to Healthline, drinking coconut water can have a lot of other benefits – for example, minerals! Coconut water has a good amount of potassium. 

Coconut water can also make you hydrated, as according to various sources, coconut water is “94% water”. The fact that coconut water has such a large amount of water also means, according to Healthline, it can possibly prevent dehydration-related conditions such as Kidney Stones.


Image Source: Vita Coco


As can be seen from the nutrition label of a coconut water drink, it has various vitamins and minerals (with almost no added sugar).


Additionally, notice how there is almost no fat in coconut water – meaning that you don’t have to worry about high calories.


Therefore, try out some coconut water if you see them next time! Whether you like it or not, it certainly has positive aspects.

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