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Coke or Pepsi

by Minghan Xu

Everyone has difference preference towards soft drinks. Some prefer coke, and some prefer Pepsi. Have you wonder what makes them different? In this article, it will provide the information about the difference of Pepsi and coke in taste and history.


When drinking a coke and a Pepsi at the same time. Pepsi is sweeter than coke, as people can see in the ingredients label down below. In addition, it has more caffeine which will make people more energetic after drinking Pepsi than drinking coke. For Coke, it has a fuzzier flavor, the tongue can feel quite popping after drinking Coke. Furthermore, in the in gradients label, it seems like Coca Cola have more sodium than Pepsi. Both of them are unhealthy after all. There was research conducted in the 1980s where people are more attracted to Pepsi by the first taste because of the sweetness. Later, people will be adamant to coke when comes to drinking the whole can bottle. 

The history

It is undeniable that coke was invented before Pepsi. Coke is made by John S, Pambert at 1886. Check out the full history of coke in another article of mYe website. On the other hand, Pepsi did not appear until the 1893 and it was originally named as Brad’s drink. It was actually made at a drug store in North Carolina. In 1898, it was named Pepsi. During the Great Depression, Pepsi starts to increase the market by selling their drinks in a lower price than coke.


In summary, Coke and pepsi are both soft drinks and it is up to the personal preference to decide which one is better. Although pepsi might be more unhealthy because it contains more caffeine and sugar, coke does contain more sodium as well. In addition, coke did come first before pepsi, but it is up to the individual people to decide which one is better.

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