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Cool Things To Do When Bored

by Kevin Cong

Hey guys! Are any of you getting slightly tired of summer? Do any of you want to do something productive and fun at the same time? Well, I have the perfect solution for you all here! You can spend some time starting a reddit account! It is fun, rewarding, and overall a good use of time. Also, it is a good way to give back to the community.

For years, all I did was just ghost on reddit and just look at posts without ever posting or commenting, and just recently, I decided to try to post some content on a few small subreddits, and I can tell you that it is much more fun than you think. However, it is not easy to start a reddit account, and I will be giving you a brief tutorial on how to earn your first few hundred karma points so you can start posting and experiencing the true fun of Reddit.


  1. Karma in the simplest words

Karma is what you get when people upvote your posts or comments. When you get upvotes, your karma goes up and when you get downvotes your karma goes down. 



  1. What is karma and why do I need it?

Karma is basically a way of seeing how popular people are on reddit, and it is also a way for subreddits to see how invested redditors are on the platform. For most bigger subreddits (ex: r/memes, r/funny, r/holup), to prevent spam, there is usually a karma minimum for posting, and if you are a complete reddit newbie, chances are that you have little to no karma. This is what makes starting reddit hard. The first 100 or so karma is by far the hardest to get because you can’t post in most places with less than 100. 


  1. Then how do I get started?

Your best bet when starting is to go on to bigger subreddits and comment on posts you like. There, you have the potential of racking up insane amounts of upvotes on a comment and sometimes it can give you loads of karma. As a beginner, I would just go on r/memes once per day to look at the new posts section and comment on whatever I like, and soon, I was well over 100 karma and ready to post. Also, be super aware that if you comment inappropriate or mean things, you WILL LOSE KARMA. 

  1. I’m ready to post! What’s next?

After getting some karma, you are ready to post your own content. The good thing about reddit is that no matter how much karma you have, every post gets the same representation and the only way to get many upvotes is by creating good content. If you have good ideas in mind, then try to find an appropriate subreddit and post it there. Sooner or later, one of your posts will blow up and it will earn you loads of karma. 


  1. You can look for good subreddits to post on our last media blog!


  1. Good luck posting!

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