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Different Types of Art Photography

by Tianze Li

Creativity is one of the most important things that all of us have in common, annd photography is a great way to express that. Here are some of the basic types of art photography, along with tips and tricks to get you started!

Light Painting

This one needs a tripod because your camera needs to be stabilized in order to capture a reasonably clear image with low shutter speed. Typically, light painting pieces require that you set the ISO to the lowest possible setting and shoot in a low light situation. If you have a Nikon camera, use the “S” mode. If you have a Canon camera, set the mode to “Tv”. You can experiment with any light-emitting object to “paint” with light.


There are different ways to explore movement with art photography, such as exaggerated movement, fast shutter speed, panning, and levitation. For now, let’s focus on exaggerated movement. Basically, you want to set the ISO to 200 or lower, turn the mode to “S” or “Tv”, and like for light painting, try a variety of slow shutter speeds. To keep the background focused, use a tripod or set the camera down using a table or a chair.

Conceptual Text

Conceptual text allows you to have control over the viewer’s interpretation of the work by including text in the image. This can be done by adding text with Photoshop, writing directly on the image, or photographing a scene where text is already present.


Generally, most people use the “P” mode for taking portraits in art photography. You can experiment with it in a well-lit area or using the camera flash. Check out this article to learn more about natural lighting! Also, auto-focus is fine for this one, and it makes life a lot easier.

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