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Drawing a Cabin in the Snow

by Grace Zhang

Now that it’s finally December and Thanksgiving has passed, many people are thinking of Christmas and snow (and potentially hoping for a snow day). For this arts tutorial, I will show you how to sketch a quick winter landscape to show your friends! All you need for this tutorial is some paper and a pencil; you can add color if you want to, but I chose to keep it black and white for simplicity’s sake. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Choose a reference photo

For this drawing, I chose the reference photo shown at the top of this article. You can choose a different reference photo if you want to, but it’s important to have one so your drawing looks semi-realistic!

Step 2: Sketch the basic layout of your landscape

For step 2, I simply drew the horizon line (where the snow is separate from the trees in the background) and some basic shapes for the house and path. Make sure to sketch lightly, since you’re just getting a basic idea of where you want everything to be!

Step 3: Draw the outline of the house

Now that we have a basic layout for where we want our objects to be placed, we can draw a clearer and darker line for the outline of the house’s shape and its roof.

Step 4: Draw the layers of snow

Following our reference photo, we draw uneven bumps in the snow, some of it piled up in one area and less in other areas. This will make it look more natural. Make sure to have some of the snow obscure the bottom of the house to make it look like the snow is deep!

Step 5: Draw the path

Here, I just drew a simple curve for the past. As it gets closer to the bottom of the page, I made it thicker to make it seem like it’s getting closer and convey a sense of distance.

Step 6: Draw the background trees

For the pine trees, I drew zig-zag lines in the shape of a triangle to show the different layers of pine needles in the tree. You can also draw tiny dashes to make the tree look like a pine tree or use your own technique! They don’t need to be perfect.

Step 7: Add detail to the house and shade it

Looking at the reference photo, I drew the door, windows, and lights of the house, making it seem more realistic.

Step 8: Shade the snow and background trees

Finally, I lightly sketched in the snow and drew lines to make it look 3D and piled up. I also added some shading to the trees to make some look like they’re behind other trees in the background!

Now we’re done! Be proud of your work and have a great winter!

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