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Drawing a Simple Fall Scene

by Grace Zhang

It’s officially autumn, and what better way to celebrate than to create a fun fall drawing? In this tutorial, we will sketch a scene with a tree and some colorful fall leaves, just in time for the leaves to start turning vibrant colors of yellow, orange, and red around us! I hope you enjoy, and have a happy fall!

Stage 1: Sketching

Step 1: Sketch a bench

To start our drawing, let’s sketch a small bench that we’ll position under a large tree. Draw two rectangles for the shape of the bench and four lines for its legs.

Step 2: Sketch a tree

Here, I’ve drawn the basic outline of the fall tree behind the bench. You can make the tree have more branches, or change how realistic it is.

Step 3: Sketch some leaves

Here, I’ve sketched some falling leaves around the tree and bench. You can draw many different types of leaves; they don’t have to look like mine! On the right, I’ve attached some different options for the shape of the leaves.

Step 4 (Optional): Draw a person sitting on the bench

It looked a bit lonely in our drawing, so I drew a girl sitting on the bench, enjoying the crisp fall weather and colorful autumn leaves. If you don’t have the time to do this, or it looks too complicated, feel free to skip this step!

Stage 2: Coloring

Step 5: Coloring the tree's leaves

Here, I’ve attached a step by step process on how I drew the tree’s colors, using red, orange, yellow, and a bit of green. First use a light red for the base color, then the orange, then the yellow to fill in spaces, and green to add highlights near the bottom. After this, I used a darker red to add darker leaves near the top of the tree.

Step 6: Color the tree’s trunks and falling leaves

To color the trunk, I used the three colors in the first photo, using more of the darkest brown on the edges of the trunk and the more of the lightest brown in the middle of the trunk. For the leaves, I used the red, orange, and yellow I used when coloring the tree.

Step 7: Color the bench

Now color the bench! I used these three colors to fill it in, but you can choose the colors that you want to use.

Step 8 (optional): Color the person, if you drew one

If you drew a person sitting on the bench, don’t forget to color them!

Step 9: Color the background

Finally, I colored in the grass and sky for the background. Our fall drawing is finished! 

I hope you liked this small tutorial! Have a great week, and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather where you are!

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