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Pastry Dough Recipe

by Harrison Wu

Pastry Dough is necessary when making homemade baked goods. You can use pastry dough from something like pie to something as grand as Gorden Ramsey’s famous beef wellington. Whether it is for sweets or savory this recipe will help a lot.


Food processor if not get a grater

Flour 2 ½ cups

Sugar tbsp

Butter 1 cup

Ice Water 4 tbsp

Tin foil

2 sticks of butter or 1 cup of butter


Step 1: Put the flour and sugar into a bowl

Step 2: Put butter into food processor or grate the butter into your flour and sugar mixture

Step 3: afterwards mix in the food processor until the butter looks like it’s gone.


Step 4: Add water then using you have combined it all together until you get something like this…

I hope you enjoy this recipe with your family and bake on!!!!

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