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Back to School Hairstyles

by Grace Wang

Back to School Hairstyles

Hi everyone, hope you guys are all doing well. As a lot of people know school is starting again soon, sadly. Summer is slowly coming to an end and our hair cannot be so let loose anymore ūüôā This article is just some fun ways (and easy) to pull your hair up decently before your school day. Below are three simple ways to put your hair up!¬†

Hope you enjoy 

#1) Braided low ponytail 


  • Separate your hair into three sections¬†
  • Secure with a hair tie or elastic strap¬†
  • Wrap a section of hair around the hair tie or elastic strap¬†
  • Curl the bottom of the hair for extra sophistication¬†

All done! 

#2) half up half down braided bun 


  • Grab three sections on both sides and start braiding¬†
  • Bring the braided sections and meet them at the back of your head¬†
  • Take some remaining hair and twist into a bun¬†
  • Done!

#3) Two sided buns 


  • Make two ponytails on each side¬†
  • Use elastic to secure
  • Twist each side of the hair and twirl it into a bun¬†
  • Use another elastic to secure the buns¬†


Hope you guys enjoyed this article and feel free to try other hairstyles as well! 

Have a good week and a good start to school 


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