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The Amazing Panini

by Harrison Wu


Tired of traditional white bread sandwiches well boy do I have the recipe for you. The panini is one of the well known Italian sandwiches and today I will teach you how to make it. Remember not to be a panini head. 

The ingredients you need to make this recipe is very simple:


  1. Bacon

  2. 6 eggs

  3. Freshly grounded black pepper

  4. A dash of salt

  5. Butter

  6. Cheese of you choice

  7. 2 slices of bread

First you put the eggs, black pepper, and salt together.


Afterwards cook the bacon until golden brown. 


Cook the eggs as scrambled eggs. 


Then spread the butter on one side of one piece of bread


Afterwards put the cheese on the bread that has the butter


Then layer your sandwich with everything you have previously made


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