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“Falling” – A Quarantine Book

by Alicia Qin

Hi! My name is Alicia Qin. I’m a high school student from Canton, Michigan, and I’m also a member of the mYeBEAT team! During quarantine, I wrote and published a book called “Falling”, which you can read more about below!

If you’re interested, you can find my book here:  https://amzn.to/3bnxRNu 


The official description reads, “In a world where separate realms coexist peacefully, a sixteen year old girl named Astra escapes a troubling relationship by taking a deep plunge into the Unknown, a vast and dangerous void that separates each realm. Against all odds, she awakens in the realm of Ignavia, where she is introduced to a variety of new people and ideas. As the troubles of her past begin to catch up to her and a deadly new threat spreads across Ignavia, Astra must learn to accept herself in order to understand the truth behind her survival.”

Essentially, the book takes place in a fantasy world where separate societies each exist in their own realms. Upon waking up in a new realm called Ignavia as the miracle girl who survived, she tries to adjust to her new circumstances, from her new sleeping arrangements to all of the new people. Although she thinks she might be safe in this new realm, Astra’s past quickly reemerges and threatens to take away everything she cares about. As the world begins to crumble before her eyes, Astra must learn how to confront her own emotions and personal attachments in order to discover what it means to truly understand and help the people around her from a devastating demise.


One of my biggest dreams ever since I wrote my first novella in the fifth grade has been to write and publish a book of my own. I wrote extensively throughout middle school. I remember I would write whenever and wherever I could, from the bus to school in the morning to passing time in between classes. However, when high school approached and I became increasingly busier, writing fell to the bottom of my priorities.

Then, the month before the COVID-19 pandemic took over the United States, an idea for a book inspired by events that happened in my own life struck me. I didn’t think I would be able to find the time to write it all out at the time, but once school closed, my extracurricular activities were cancelled, and my life plunged into quarantine, I decided it was the perfect time to begin writing out my idea.

The writing process was not the easiest, but I was determined. The book took around 5 months to complete, and then a few weeks longer to edit and publish. I’m still in a little bit of disbelief that the dream I held back in the fifth grade has finally come true.


I’m sure many of you are curious on how I was even able to publish my book at all. For any of you also looking to publish your work, it’s actually incredibly easy! I published my book through Kindle Direct Publishing, which is a platform that allows you to self manage the entire publishing process, from editing to designing the cover to setting the price for your book.

First, I set up my account information, which included my address as well as bank and tax information. Then, I set up my book in the two publishing formats that KDP supports, eBook and paperback. I formatted my manuscript to fit my trim size, used KDP’s cover templates to design and draw my own cover, and finally set a decent price for my book.

For me, this process was incredibly easy and straightforward. I never knew that a publishing option like this existed before, and I think it’s absolutely amazing that I was able to follow through with it. For anyone out there who also wants to publish your book someday, know that it is entirely possible and that you will make it there!
If you want to hear more about my story and how I published my book, you can watch my recorded live seminar here:

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