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Final Competition Theme: mYe BEAT T-Shirt Design

by Grace Yang

We’ve had an amazing time looking at all your creative submissions over the past few weeks, and we hope you’ve had just as much fun creating them! Sadly, all good things must come to an end, so this competition will be our last!

This is not the end of the road for interactive mYe BEAT programs, starting on June 6th, we are launching BEAT Live, a live streamed seminar hosted by yours truly. Stay tuned for more details!

Winners: Please check your email for more information

1st place: Luke Shen, a 9th grader from Cranbrook Kingswood High School

Luke stated that, “I designed my logo off of the different little clip arts found on the mYeBEAT homepage.I tried to incorporate them into a little gift box, showing that this program is a gift for everyone and should be enjoyed by everyone!”

2nd place: Kevin Yang, an 8th grader from Cranbrook Middle School

3rd place: Audrey Schreck, a 9th grader from Northville High School

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