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by Kevin Cong

As we all know, with COVID-19 practically shutting down the world, many things have had to make changes in order to adapt. High school robotics, or FRC Robotics, is no exception. The usually lively and fun program has definitely made changes for the worse in order to keep going during these times, and today I will just give you all a brief intro to FRC and how COVID has impacted it.

Every year, FRC robotics holds a different competition, with different events to put the design and the control of the robot to the test. Teams from all over the world try their best to create a robot that will perform the task required. These robots can be designed by students or by adults, but are only controlled by students. To add to that, there are many limits to the robot’s build, including a max weight, and a size limit.

This year, however, the system becomes a little different. Because of COVID, most teams were not able to compete in the previous season, so the objective of the competition will stay the same as last year’s. Some teams will choose to use the same robot as the one from last year, and that is allowed too. 

We, ourselves, are on this year’s freshman robotics team. To be honest, we are pretty big newbies to robotics still as it is our first year, but aside from all the learning we have ahead of us and the inconveniences caused by COVID, we still enjoy our time at robotics greatly. If you are in high school and have time, we would really recommend that you join FRC robotics.

For more info, please visit this site: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc

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