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Check out our Past Weekly Competitions!

by Grace Yang

mYe BEAT formerly hosted weekly competitions in which we gave out Amazon gift cards to the top three entries! Now we’ve moved on to hosting our live seminars: mYe BEAT Live check out our homepage to get more information!

Take a look at our Past Competitions:

Week 1: https://myebeat.com/week-1-theme-baby-yoda/

Week 2: https://myebeat.com/week-2-theme-picture-on-a-plate/

Week 3: https://myebeat.com/week-3-theme-washing-hands-dance/

Week 4: https://myebeat.com/week-4-theme-upcycling-challenge/

Week 5: https://myebeat.com/week-5-theme-may-flowers/

Week 6: https://myebeat.com/week-6-theme-mothers-day-card/

Week 7: https://myebeat.com/week-7-theme-paper-city/

Week 8: https://myebeat.com/week-8-theme-cookie-decorating/

Final Competition: https://myebeat.com/final-competition-theme-mye-beat-t-shirt-design/

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