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Giggles Week #6 – Tom and Jerry

by Teddy Shi

I’m sure we are all missing our friends and the fun times we could be having. So to cheer you up, we are gonna look at one of the best cartoon friendships in all of television history. This week’s theme? Tom and Jerry! The classic cat and mouse duo that has become the face of comedy. Now let’s take some time out of our busy lives and laugh at the lives of the pets we wished we had. If you want to suggest any ideas or contribute to next week, email me at tshi2023@gmail.com. Anyway, onto the giggles!

That’s all, wash your hands, stay safe, and see you next week!

Credits: https://www.google.com/amp/s/in.pinterest.com/amp/turner047/tom-and-jerry-memes/

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