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Giggles Week #7 – Knock-Knock Jokes

by Teddy Shi

Memes can be really funny and all, but sometimes taking a look at the funny trends of the past can also be a great way to spend some time. This week, we’re going to change the pace of normal content and take a look at a new theme: knock-knock jokes! Personally I don’t think I am a very funny human, but the people who come up with these jokes sure are. We should all sit back an enjoy some of these creative jokes. If you want to suggest any ideas or contribute to next week, email me at tshi2023@gmail.com. Anyway, onto the giggles!

That’s all, wash your hands, stay safe, and see you next week!

Credits: https://www.pinterest.com/ninibedi/knock-knock-jokes/?amp_client_id=CLIENT_ID(_)&mweb_unauth_id=f91c00f6

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