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Giggles Week #8 – Family Friendly Pranks

by Teddy Shi

Have you ever wanted to play a prank on your family, but found yourself not knowing what to do, or wondering if you even had enough time to pull it off? No worries, this article is perfect for you! Especially during this quarantine, it’s the perfect time to have some fun pranking your family. This weeks theme is about simple pranks that you can play on your family to help lighten the mood! If you want to suggest any ideas or contribute to next week, email me at tshi2023@gmail.com. Anyway, onto the giggles!


For our first prank, what you want is to pour some water on your hand, and than sneak up to one of your unsuspecting family members. You can than simply make a sneezing noise, as you fling the water at them! Since you are doing this to a family member, hope that they won’t get to angry with you.
DISCLAIMER: Remember to cover your mouth if you actually have to sneeze, and DO NOT sneeze directly on anyone no matter who they are.


Do you have a couple of Oreos lying around? If so, for this prank, all you have to do is remove the filling from the Oreo, and replace it with some toothpaste. Make sure that you leave them somewhere where they can be easily seen! Oreo-lovers beware!


Anyone in your family have a huge fear of big bugs? Let’s surprise them! All you need to do is print or draw a shadow of a big bug. Tape it on the inside of a lamp that is frequently used… and SURPRISE! Extra points if you film their reaction.


Tired of hearing your parents telling you to get off your computer, only to see them spend hours on theirs? This is the perfect prank for you. First, make sure that the computer mouse that your parent uses is wireless, otherwise this prank won’t work. Next, take a sticky-note or a piece of paper and tape it over the infrared sensor (you can color this piece of paper so that it blends in with the bottom of the mouse). Watch as they get frustrated because they can’t seem to use their mouse!


Have any younger siblings? This is the perfect prank to try out on them! All you need is a somewhat big rock, paper/paint, and tape. First, you want to make sure that your rock has a flat enough surface so that it won’t roll around on flat ground. Then, you want to write “Flip me over” on a piece of paper that will fit on the top of the rock. Then, write something along the lines of “You took orders from a rock” on a piece of paper that fits on the bottom of the rock. Tape the paper to the correct places of the rock, and make sure that the bottom paper is not sticking out to far. You can also choose to paint the rock rather that use paper. Be creative with it, and add funny designs on the top! Enjoy!

Remember to apologize or at least make sure that you have not offended the person you decided played the prank on. If you want some more pranks other then the ones above, check the link down below. Some of these pranks may require supplies that you may not have. Please note that some of these pranks may be inappropriate in the current situations of the pandemic. If you do decide to use one of the pranks from the link, please make sure that it is appropriate and safe in our current situation. That’s all, wash your hands, stay safe, and see you next week!

Credits: https://www.fun-stuff-to-do.com/good-pranks.html

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