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by Harold Wu

What are goals? – Goals are ideas that we have that we use to help us achieve big and small things. These goals can include small ones such as getting somewhere on time, to larger more important goals such as getting into your dream college. Goals are important to give ourselves a standard that we should look to achieve. Here is the process of how to make you goals.

Set your goal:

Setting your goal is the first step in the process of completing a goal. Setting a goal allows you to know what to work towards. Some examples could be eating healthier, studying more often, making it to your meeting on time, etc. This is your building block for the rest of your steps and is also the most important.

Making a plan:

A plan should be set immediately after coming up with your goal. A plan is used to complete your goals and can even make it easier! A plan can be to set up a time each day to work out, time to study, or plan ahead to arrive early to your meeting.

Working on your goal:

Your goals can not be completed unless you work towards them. Working on small things can help complete your goals faster. This step is usually after planning because you want to make sure you are doing the correct things in order to complete your goal.

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