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Guided Meditation

by Ryan Cong

 With the scary events happening in the world right now, it is normal to feel stressed. However, too much stress can be detrimental to one’s emotional and physical health. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, this article will introduce you to the tried and true method of stress relief: guided meditation. 

Guided meditation, or simply put, just meditation with a teacher or expert’s mentorship, is one of the most effective ways of reducing stress. In a normal guided meditation session, one should have his/her eyes closed and mind at peace. Then, the mentor will start speaking, leading the mind of the meditator to think about many different things. This creates a break in the meditator’s train of thought, resetting the mind and relaxing the body. It could take anywhere between a minute to upwards of an hour, but they all serve the same purpose: to wash away the stress. The best part? They’re super accessible and almost all free! Whether it’s youtube, Spotify, or other video/audio sharing companies, you could find these just about anywhere. Got a few minutes in the waiting room before an interview? Perfect! Need a quick break between your studies? Perfect. Essentially, these guided meditations are here to reduce stress whenever and wherever you need. Below are a few videos that I recommend.


This is a guided meditation that I have used many times in the past, usually after an hour or so of homework. This is a nice and short video that I use when I get tired. Just close your eyes and enjoy the moment as you listen to the soft voice of the mentor. The only downside to this video might just be that it is so easy to fall asleep to it. 


This is called a “5-minute mental reset”, and as the name suggests, the video is just 5 minutes long. Now, you might wonder how it’s possible to meditate in 5 minutes, but that is the beauty of guided meditation: it doesn’t have a time requirement. The best thing about this video is that you could watch it in any situation, such as a waiting room, or a break at school.


Now this one is a little bit different from the others. This video is a full hour long and tells a story. I would recommend watching this video in chunks of about 15 minutes, but feel free to watch for however long you wish.


Now that you have seen a few guided meditations, don’t feel limited to them. There are thousands of similar videos on the internet, all for your relaxation. One last tip, don’t keep this to just a relaxation device, make this a part of your daily routine. With just 15 minutes of this every day, your entire mentality can be changed for the better.


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