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HIIT Indoor Workout

by Jasmine Wu & Ann Zhang

Being confined inside all day can be tough, and exercise is a great way to keep your body and mental state ready-to-go and healthy. With these high intensity interval training exercises, you can pack on muscle and quickly get toned. I will admit, this isn’t my original workout – props to Grace, the best sprint captain ever, for this workout. I hope I’ll look like you one day 😀

I do this workout daily during quarantine. I will admit, my exercise levels had dropped off significantly during the winter, but two consecutive days of this workout (though painful) can produce visual and physical results, especially in the arms and legs. Don’t believe me? Try it!

The Warmup

  • Begin by doing some light cardio (10 minutes of running, jumping rope, whatever works for your situation)
  • Stretch vigorously to prevent injuries!

The Workout

Warning: This is an EXTREMELY vigorous workout! This can be tough for me, and I trained for track at my high school before school was canceled. Be sure to know your own body and limits. I would recommend doing one set, or maybe just a few bullet points, and working your way up at your own pace. Pushing yourself too hard might seem rewarding in the moment, but you’ll regret it for a week afterward.

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