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How NOT to Forget your Tasks

by Yule Xie

Have you ever been to school at some point and realized you forgot to even start your homework? Isn’t it annoying that you simply ignored a group project because you forgot about the meeting? Most of the population have probably experienced these things, which could be quite stressful and irritating. Personally, I’m confident to mention that I’ve done an adequate job of completing all my duties on time. Therefore, I will share a variety of methods that I take advantage of to remember my tasks. 

Write Them Down!

A helpful technique that I do is keeping a written version of all my tasks with their due dates. In fact, this text you are reading was once a part of my list. You are able to use a range of formats for this – whether an organized notebook, journal, or calendar along with your duties written into every day. For me, I don’t usually make things fancy so I keep it very simple: I created a document called “Homework” and wrote down a bunch of important tasks. It does not have to be just assignments from school, it may be anything from meetings to stuff like “I have a club tomorrow!” Keeping a document for all my tasks has helped me greatly and that I believe it would be a pleasant strategy for you too.

Don’t Panic!

Another critical component of remembering your duties is to not panic about them. I find it easier to forget things once I am under high pressure. Therefore, you must not let your tasks overwhelm you. Now, this doesn’t mean you can stop caring about your stuff. They should be in your mind clearly but not overload you with stress. Usually you will have multiple tasks at hand, and sometimes you forget others if you devote an excessive amount of attention to one. As an example, I could have a math test and an assignment from another class due tomorrow.  The night before, if I became overwhelmed about studying for the math test, it probably meant that I would spend an excessive amount of time that would cause me to forget the other assignment. Although it is smart to understand which duties are higher prioritized, you shouldn’t let the bigger ones dominate your mindset and forget about the smaller, but perhaps equally important tasks.


Finally, reflecting is an essential part of remembering to complete your tasks. It can actually be quite easy: take two minutes before you head to sleep to think about everything. I prefer to run down all of my classes and consider assignments for every one. This method has helped me over and over to realize that I forgot something. Another (perhaps even better!) technique that you can simply use is to look at the to-do list you created and check it off. Being reflective will not only benefit you in remembering your tasks, but also can cause you to become more thoughtful when considering things.


Hopefully the following ideas can facilitate your ability to remember your tasks. They definitely benefited me as it is often nice to have everything done on time.


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