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How to Draw a Bunny Rabbit

by Grace Zhang

After many winter months, spring is finally here, with all its beauty (and pollen). As the days become warmer and the flowers start blooming, many animals will start to reappear from their humble burrows. One of these animals is the fluffy-furred bunny rabbit. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cute and realistic rabbit in a field of springtime flowers. Enjoy, and happy spring! 

Step 1

Lightly sketch the guidelines for your rabbit with a pencil. Draw a circle for its head. From there, outline its slightly elongated snout and triangular-shaped ears. For the body, something resembling a curved triangle will do (see the image below!)

Step 2

Add details to your bunny rabbit! Draw a large eye with a smaller oval inside (for highlights). Also sketch the rabbit’s nose, inside of its ear, and a paw.

Step 3

Color the rabbit’s eye. Leave the smaller oval blank as the highlight, and color from dark to light, shown in this gradient.

Step 4

Lightly sketch the guidelines for the field of flowers around your bunny rabbit. This will be useful later when you’re coloring the rabbit so you know what to leave blank! I also added a flower in the rabbit’s mouth, which is optional.

Step 5

Erase your guidelines in preparation for coloring! Make sure not to erase the eye or the nose, since they have already been colored.

Step 6

Time for coloring! Get out your colored pencils (which is the medium I used, but you can use other materials like paints as well). Reference the photos above for the colors you need.

Step 7

Start coloring! To make your rabbit more realistic, you should use a reference photo, like the one shown as the cover of this article. Begin coloring from the ears and head first. If you are using colored pencils, make your stroke short and quick to add a fur-like texture.

Step 8

After you finish coloring the ears and head, move on to coloring the body. Just like in step 7, make your strokes short and quick to give your rabbit fur. Don’t worry about being too precise near the bottom of the rabbit, since it will be covered up by grass and flowers later. Be sure to leave some areas blank for your flowers.

Step 9

Color the grass and flowers! Even though I used pink for the flowers, you can use any color that you want. Make sure the grass covers the lower part of the rabbit so it looks like the rabbit is sitting in the grass. Add some leaves to the flowers and you’re done!

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