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How to Draw a Chibi Girl

by Jessica Zhang

When drawing chibi people, different artists have different ways of drawing them. Some artist like to make legs super short and stubby, others like to make legs long and skinny, it all depends on the artist. This “how to” guide for drawing a chibi girl is to my own preferences and it is totally fine to adjust proportions of different body components to fit your own style.

  1. Start off by drawing a circle. This circle is the basis for the head of the chibi girl.
  1. Next, draw in guidelines, which will help with the placement of the various facial features. When drawing guidelines, think of the circle as a sphere. This means that the guidelines should have a slight curve to follow the circle that you drew. I wanted my chibi girl’s face to be slightly turned to the right so I put the vertical guideline (meant to be in between the two eye of the person) slightly off center. Additionally, I drew the horizontal guideline (should go through the eyes if you were to draw them) at a slight angle since I want her to be looking up.
  1. After drawing the guidelines, draw in the different facial features and shape the face. I like to bring the face in at the eyes and then bring it back out to emphasize the cheeks.
  1. Next, draw the guideline for the placement of the body. I used a curve to emulate the natural curves of a body so that my final drawing will seem less stiff.
  1. Use the guideline as the delineation for the middle of the body and draw out the outline for the body.
  1. Next, draw in the hair. It is okay if the hair covers the eyebrows or eyes.
  1. Afterwards, use the outline of the body and the guidelines to draw in the clothes. When drawing clothes, remember to think of the body as something three dimensional. You can also go ahead and draw in small details like blush
  1. Finally, use a pen to go over your drawing and then erase all the excess pencil marks. Congratulations, you are done with your drawing/

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