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How to Draw a Face

by Alicia Qin

Any artist who likes to draw will tell you that the human face is one of the hardest things to draw. However, almost every human face exhibits the same sets of proportions, whether that be the distance between the eyebrow to the nose or the corners of the lips to the eyes. This simple tutorial will help you master the face in no time!

Step 1: Draw an oval with a centerline

For just a base shape, any oval will work as it can be amended later, although it is generally better to draw the top slightly larger and the bottom slightly thinner. A center line will mark the center of the face, which is a good reference. Start by sketching lightly, and darken the lines as you find the right shape.

Step 2: Mark the hairline and divide into 3

The hairline can be approximated slightly below the top as this can vary from person to person. Then, divide the rest of the face into three equal parts with horizontal lines. The two lines will mark the eyebrows and the bottom of the nose.

Step 4: Draw features

Begin to draw the different features of the face along these reference lines. Remember that the corners of the eyes should touch the eyeline at the bottom of the eye, not the middle. The corners of the lips should line up below the irises of the eyes, and the corner of the eyes should line up with the edges of the nose. The face shape can also be adjusted as needed.

Step 5: Begin shading and add ears

The top of the ears should line up with the eyebrows and bottom should line up with the nose. Common places to shade are along the sides of the forehead, below the eyes, the cheeks, below the nose and mouth, and along the sides of the face. You can look at a reference photo to help you find the best areas to shade. Hair can also be added however you want.

Step 6: Finish shading and you’re done!

Darken the shading wherever it seems needed and add any other finishing touches. You’ve successfully drawn a face!

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Lewen July 28, 2020 - 8:37 pm

As if it was that easy…

Alicia Qin July 29, 2020 - 2:25 pm

With some practice, it will get easier! It just takes some time to get used to identifying all of the proportions.


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