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How to Draw a Frog

by Kevin Cong

Surprise! If you really thought that we are going to be drawing normal frogs today, then the joke’s on you, because I am a horrible artist and there is no way I can draw a real frog. Knowing I can’t draw, I decided to settle with easier options, but they are in no ways inferior. Now that I’ve said all this, why don’t we get down to business, today I’ll show y’all how to draw my two favorite frogs: Kermit and Pepe. Let’s get started! By the way, pardon the mediocre art I can’t even color inside lines so bear with me.


First, let’s start with the top of Pepe’s eyes!







Now do not forget the precious eyeballs!

Now that the hard part is done, let’s get the face done too.

Now all that’s left to do is the coloring! (I know, I color like a first grader.)


Well with Kermit, I will start with the eyes as well (pardon the poor camera quality my phone decided not to work on this one panel).

Then, the face…

Right after that we have his collar/ neck. 

Now, we just need the body.

Color! (Thankfully this one is a bit better than the last one.)

Now, you know how to draw some frogs! Go have some fun and have a good day. 🙂

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