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How to Draw a Penguin

by Benjamin Sheng

Penguins, and especially penguin chicks are some of the cutest animals – they’re cuddly, fluffy, and they waddle around. The only thing better than scrolling through endless pictures and GIFs of them would be being able to draw your own adorable penguin. And the best part – you’ll only need paper and a pencil. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Materials: You’ll only need a pencil and paper (and an eraser of course), but you can also use a blender for shading the penguins.

Step 1

We’ll start with the body of the penguin. Try drawing a gumball shape, with the head tapering slightly. To make the penguin as cute as possible, try drawing it a bit on the chubby side.

Step 2

We’ll draw the feet next. They should look a bit like buttons on the bottom of the penguin. If you want to add webbed feet, it’s up to you!

Step 3

This is probably the most important step. Draw two tiny lines around halfway of the total height of the penguin. This is where we’ll build the rest of the body.

Step 4

This little penguin is going to be waving at you. Draw the left flipper (your right) in a waving position, and the right flipper hanging by the penguin’s side. Take your time to ensure a quality penguin. 

Step 5

Slightly elongate the line markers from Step 3. We will use these as a base for the penguin’s face.

Step 6

It’s time to draw the face! First, start at the end of one of the line markers, then draw a steep arch. Connect both arches in the center, then draw a tiny beak. Great job! It’s starting to look like a penguin!

Step 7

Shade in the flippers and face feathers. If you have a blender, this is the optimal time to use it (I forgot to use it in the demonstration, but I did use it in the bonus picture at the end; using a blender will allow for better distribution in the shading).

Step 8

Draw the eyes – for the waving penguin, I find that closed eyes look better, but you can also use round eyes if you want.

This penguin has round eyes, but you do want to be extremely careful with your drawing – make it as meticulous as possible. (Does it look a bit sad to you?)

Next, take your penguins to the next level by adding all sorts of decorations. You can even include them in landscapes! (mine isn’t too good, so try not to base yours off of mine :/) Now that you can draw penguins, you can put them anywhere and everywhere. Have fun!

I actually learned how to draw these penguins from this image (they’re a slightly different style though):

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