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How to Make Cool Mooncakes

by Kevin Cong

Yes, I know that the Mid-Autumn Festival was ages ago, you don’t have to tell me that I’m late, but hey, these mooncakes taste good any day of the year, so that is why today I will be teaching you how to make some cool mooncakes.

Alright fine, I know this is not the kind of food that you want to see but whatever, content is content.


Flour (1 lb)

Syrup (10 oz)

Baking soda (3 g)

Oil 4 oz

Eggs  (idk any is ok)

So we can get started by mixing all the ingredients together. Then, put it in the fridge for around 3 hours. This is to let the dough rest. Note that any type oil is ok, any type of sweetener is probably ok(we used syrup) baking soda and baking powder are interchangeable. 


Lotus Paste (a lot)

Salty egg yolk (one per mooncake)

That’s it, all other fillings are inferior, but feel free to use whatever you want.

As we all know, mooncakes aren’t your regular buns or punchkees, and instead of mostly dough, it is mainly filling. So be sure to get a LOT of lotus paste. 

The dough and the filling should look like this. (dough on right, filling on left)


First, you squish one blob of dough so it is flat, then, you wrap the dough around the filling, making a rough spherical shape as shown in the picture above. Finally, you use one of those molds in the picture above and mold the dough into the shape. 

(Note: If you actually have one of those molds which is unlikely, then be sure to coat it in flour first or the cake WILL stick, and if you don’t have a mold then just shape then however you want, in the end it still tastes the same.)

So here are the mooncakes before baking. 


20 minutes at 330 degrees f.

Be sure to take them out twice in the middle of baking and coat them with egg yolks for a tasty, golden-brown look.


You do NOT need to put the mooncakes in the fridge. In fact, leave them to sit for two days before eating them so they don’t taste crusty.


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