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How to Not Freak Out

by Tianze Li

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“Why yes, I’m a bit stressed. Why do you ask?” This is from a very relatable meme. But instead of relatable memes to scroll through, here’s a list of tips to stay chill under stress. Let’s get to it.

There are two types of stress. The first type is caused by a situation that’s out of your control, and you can’t do very much about it at the moment. In the book Under Pressure, Dr. Lisa Damour writes that you might have to accept what you absolutely can’t change. Another type of stress is caused by a situation that’s in your control, like if you’re stressed because you’ve been procrastinating. In that case, the stress is actually helpful because it’s telling you that you need to start doing work. According to Dr. Lisa Damour, the most effective way to reduce this type of stress is to tackle the problem that’s making you stressed. 

If stress is negatively affecting your productivity, refer to Stress Relief Techniques – mYeBEAT for a list of activities that help you relieve stress (you can reference it if needed). Aside from these, there’s a poem that has helped me stay chill during midterms and finals. It only works when you recite it and speed walk at the same time. 

Ultimately, prioritize your physical and mental health. Making time for self-care and allowing room for self-understanding can help you keep calm under pressure, which is essential to being able to work efficiently. 

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