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How to Upgrade Your Schoology Experience

by Ryan Cong

Over 60,000 K-12 schools and universities use Schoology worldwide, and for all the people who use Schoology, have you ever been not sure which assignments you have submitted already, or weren’t sure what grade you need to get on a test to secure an A? Well, Schoology Plus is the solution! It’s only a chrome extension, but it can completely revamp your entire Schoology experience. To download Schoology Plus go to https://schoologypl.us/, click on download, and select the right link for your browser. If you are using Chrome, click the blue “Add to Chrome” button and click add the extension as shown below. 

Voila! In two clicks you now have Schoology Plus. Now, simply refresh your Schoology page and you should be prompted with this message:

There are several distinct themes to select from, The classic light theme, the modern light theme, the rainbow theme, which cycles through various colors, and the dark theme, which is much easier on the eyes and something users have been wanting for a long time. You are also given the option to create a custom theme, where you are given the option to customize colors, the logo in the top left-hand corner, and even your cursor.

If you look closely, there is a section on the right-hand side labeled Quick Access. This will allow you to see your grade for that class with a single click. You can also create a link here to lead you directly to your Zoom meeting. Before, you had to go to your course and find your Zoom link. Now, you can go to your meeting directly from the Schoology homepage! To do so, simply click on the cogwheel for a class, and paste the Zoom link for that class in the text box labeled Quick Link, and you can now go to class from the Schoology homepage! Simply click on the star icon that appears to the left of the grade icon in the Quick Access menu.

Going back to the homepage, you can also see what assignments you have completed. For assignments that require a submission, Schoology Plus will automatically put a check in the checkbox once you have completed it. For assignments that do not require a submission, you can manually check or uncheck the box.

Going to look at the grades section, you can already see differences. You are able to see how many points you got out of the total possible points, as well as whether the grade is weighted or not. You are able to toggle between weighted and unweighted to see how that affects your grade.

Looking at the top right-hand side, we can also see a curious little button to “enable what-if grades”. Here, we can add a placeholder grade for an upcoming assignment to how getting a certain score would impact our grade.

All in all, Schoology Plus is a great way to improve your Schoology experience. It makes Schoology a lot more practical and even gives you some themes to further improve your Schoology experience. 


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