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How To Wake Up Earlier

by Luke Shen

For some, waking up early is quite the burden. Sometimes, you just want to embrace the nice, cozy warmth of your bed. Sadly, there are things to do, and places to see, so waking up is an essential part of anyone’s schedule. So why wake up earlier? Well, there are many benefits! The main advantage of waking up early is the extra time you have to do stuff. This includes exercise, breakfast, reading, or any activities that you now have more time for! Other pluses include better concentration, less dark circles under the eyes (if you care about those), and overall better health.

With these fantastic benefits in mind, how does one wake up earlier? The best way to wake up earlier is sleeping earlier. This may go against the idea that “the older you are, the less sleep you need”, but it is clinically proven that the best range of sleep for anybody older than 18 years old is AT LEAST seven or more hours per night. Maintaining these hours will also help maintain the benefits found from sleeping earlier which leads to waking earlier.

Another way to increase your chances of waking up earlier is to leave your curtains open. The natural rise of the sun will decrease the melatonin release in your body. (Melatonin is the hormone that causes sleep). This reaction to light is caused by the natural wiring of the human body that makes us a diurnal species (active during the day). By leaving the curtains open, the extra exposure of sunlight from outside increases the chances of waking up.

The final tip is to avoid using your phone 30 minutes before sleeping. The light used in phones will also interfere with melatonin production. The kind of light emitted from phones is called blue light. The sun emits green light. However, the blue light from the screens actually interferes even more than the green light, making it even more detrimental to sleeping earlier (which makes waking up earlier harder)

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