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Hygge: What You Need to Get Through Winter

by Tianze Li

For those of you who prefer warmer weather, this article will show you a cool (or maybe, warm) way to get through winter. Now picture this: on a gray and rainy day, you sit by the fireplace, cuddle with your cat in your favorite blanket, and read your paperback book. It sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, this is “hygge”. 


Hygge, pronounced “HOO-guh”, is a Danish word used to acknowledge a special feeling or moment. Often, hygge refers to a cozy vibe, living in the moment, and an attitude towards life. It comes from the small and simple things, like lighting a candle or hanging out with a few close friends. 


At its core, hygge is the human desire for simple comforts. It’s shelter, food, and company. In a busy world, it’s especially important to our well-being to slow down and take a moment to be happy.


  • Make a hot drink
  • Dim the lights
  • Find a cozy sweater
  • Grab your blanket (and cat)
  • Get your book

With hygge, winter feels a lot warmer. And even if you didn’t know the word before, you’ve been doing it all along. This is just a reminder to keep doing it. Life is short. So indulge yourself (mindfully, of course). 

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