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by Kevin Cong

We all know that school is boring. C’mon, stop trying to deny it. You go there everyday, get homework, do your homework, then you have nothing to do. Usually, us Gen-z kids like to hop on videogames, but come on, why spend your precious afternoons staring at a computer screen like a nerd? Well, I have here, the perfect trick to learn while you wait out that xbox live ban.

I don’t know why, but ever since I was little I was SUPER impressed by people who can juggle. It just seemed like their hand-eye coordination was superhuman. However, it really isn’t even close to being that hard. In fact, it is quite doable within a day, and I can sum it up for you in some simple steps.

Step one: one hand, two ball juggling

This is the basis of juggling. All you do here is try to repeatedly toss two balls in the air with the same hand. It goes kind of like this: 

Try doing this with both hands.

image credit: juggle wiki

Step two: Try it for real

Seriously, that’s it. First do the two balls, one hand, then do the normal juggle. When first trying it, think about it like doing the one hand juggle but just on two hands and taking one ball out of the equation.

Image credit: juggle wiki

Step three: Get better!

No seriously. This is an important step. Juggling 10 in a row is not going to impress anyone. You have to push yourself to juggle more consistently and get to at least 30-40 consistently. Personally, my record is 400, and if you beat it, then good for you. 

Well, that is actually about it for juggling, if you have the time, I really encourage you to try it out. It is really easy and will impress anyone!

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