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mYe BEAT Live 3: Stock Investment for Youth

by Grace Yang

In this seminar, you will be instructed to register a brokerage account with an initial sum of $100,000 in fictitious money that you can use to trade real stocks and mutual funds in the U.S.

We will learn some basics about stocks and cover the principles of equity investment in this introductory lecture. The topics in this lecture include:

  1. What is stock?
  2. How to register a brokerage account and trade stocks?
  3. How to track stock performance and conduct fundamental study?
  4. How to measure the investment return and risk?
  5. The basic principles of equity investment 

myeBEAT is proud to feature our guest speaker Louis Lu, PhD in Financial Economics (CUNY), Assistant Professor in Finance, who has taught Investments and Financial Statement Analysis for a few years.

Date: June 25, 7-8:30pm, Eastern Daylight Time

Professor Liu mentioned a Virtual Stock Competition in his seminar, so make sure to re-watch the video to get more info on that!

Check out the recording for this Live Seminar!

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