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MakeX Spark Competition Overview

by Teddy Shi

What is the MakeX Spark Competition?

The MakeX Spark Competition is a creative design and robotics competition directed towards ages 6 through 13. The goal of the MakeX Spark Competition is to inspire kids to take real-world problems, and use STEM and creativity to design possible solutions. In light of recent Covid-19 circumstances, the 2020 MakeX Spark Competition is being held online.

What is Michigan Youth Empowerment Foundation’s role in this year’s competition?

At the writing of this article, the first match of this year’s MakeX Spark Competition has ended. At the conclusion, MakeX awarded organizations for their involvement in the program and successfully helping their contestants to stand out, Michigan Youth Empowerment Foundation(mYe) being one of them. For this competition, mYe created a well-rounded program consisting of 90 minute training sessions with specific coaches to help improve contestant skills. mYe’s focus was on improving coding, speaking, presenting, and time management skills.

What are mYe’s tips for success in the competition?

Huge factors for success in any competition lie in the time management and goals that someone sets for themselves. This remains true regardless what competition it is. Part of the success of mYe in this competition was keeping students to a schedule that would help them improve both coding and presentation skills. This was accomplished through the student’s individual creation of a timeline for their goals, as well as a reminder of their goals being sent to them every week from mYe. This multidimensional drive striving for improvement in many aspects, as well as the encouragement of management contributed to the success of mYe.

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See more information regarding MakeX and their competitions in the following link: http://www.makex.io/en

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