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Metro Detroit Restaurants Fundraising for Food

by Tianze Li

Food is a basic human need. Every day, you go to grocery stores, buy the food that would provide you nutrition. Or you stand in line for lunch at school or local restaurants. Or, you open the fridge in the kitchen. But what if grocery stores are out of stock, school and restaurants are closed, and there isn’t a kitchen? 

Businesses around the world, including metro Detroit restaurants, are fundraising for those currently in these situations–because food, like shelter, is a basic human need. From donating 100 percent of the sales to humanitarian aid organizations, to hosting solidarity dinners, these restaurants are making an effort to help.

Similarly, the UN World Food Programme and Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan are fundraising and donating food to those in need. 

Though not having as much media coverage, there are countries around the world that are also experiencing food insecurity. That means millions of people are suffering from hunger on a daily basis. The UN World Food Program USA lists out ways to get involved.

On a local level, according to the Detroit Food Policy Council, 48 percent of Detroit households are food insecure and another 40 percent relies on food stamps (Spartan Newsroom). In Michigan, 1 in 8 people face hunger (Hunger in America). Really?

From hunting and gathering before the Neolithic period to the advent of agriculture about 10,000 years ago, humans have developed increasingly efficient ways to obtain food. The Industrial Revolution from the 17th to 18th century especially transformed the production of goods, including agricultural products. Yet due to a variety of factors, millions of this species face food insecurity in the 21st century.

Hope your basic human need for food is met. Have a great day!

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