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Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One Movie Review, Opinion and Summary

by Eric Zeng

Spoilers Ahead!

The new Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One that newly came out 2 weeks ago has excited audiences and fans of the old beloved Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible series all around!

The movie is about Ethan Hunt and his IMF team facing up against a very powerful AI with self awareness that has gone rogue. They are tasked with finding both parts of the two-part key that unlocks the source code of the AI. All of the countries in the world want the key because it grants control to the source code and whoever has control over the source code controls the AI.

On their mission to find the key, they face up against Gabriel, the AI’s henchman who is sent by the AI to get the key to release itself from the Sevastopol Submarine so that it can control the world. Apparently, Gabriel has a past with Ethan because the movie shows a flashback of a terribly injured Ethan crawling on the ground and Gabriel shooting a woman beside him who, judging from Ethan’s reaction after her death, was very important to him.

One of the saddest things about this movie is that Ilsa Faust got stabbed and murdered by Gabriel with a dagger while sword-fighting him.

Ilsa Faust, played by Rebecca Ferguson, is a Character who defected from MI6 in the fifth film to join Ethan’s IMF (Impossible Mission Force) and she meets her very, very sad ending in this first part of Dead Reckoning.

As always, this movie, like the other movies in the Mission Impossible series, is also very classic and involves one of the top selling points of the series, Actor Tom Cruise! In case you don’t know, Tom Cruise is a very successful actor and producer who, in his 30-year acting career, has been nominated for the Academy awards (Oscars) three times and he is also a three time Golden Globe Award Winner! His movies have earned $10 billion in worldwide box office! He is one of the producers of this movie along with Christopher McQuarrie. Yes, This is one of the Mission Impossible movies which Tom Cruise actually produced.

This is only part one of the movie though. There is a part two that is premiering in theaters on June 28th, 2024! From what I watched of part one, I’m guessing that part two is about them finding where the Sevastopol is located since the only person in the NSA who knows where the Sevastopol is, Dellinger, played by Cary Elwes, was killed by Gabriel.

 After they know where the Sevastopol is located I’m guessing that they are going to find what the key unlocks inside the submarine and destroy the AI and prevent it from taking over the world.

I think this movie is an outstanding movie. But, what I think is the most impressive thing about the movie is that Tom Cruise actually did all of the stunts. He didn’t hang in a posture in front of a green screen and then have people put a background behind him. Instead, he did all of the stunts himself! I definitely recommend this movie if you like tense moments and lots of action.

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