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by Angela Xu

Music technology is an amazing subject to be knowledgeable in because it is the first stepping stone into becoming a music producer! In this article, we will look at two music-producing apps that can help you get a headstart in the world of music technology. Garageband and Logic both provide amazing music-making experiences with a large category of instruments and loops to choose from. I have been making music for around 4 years and I love using Logic to make basic and complex tracks.


GarageBand is a free app that uses music sequencers to record and playback tracks of audio. In short, you can record the instruments that GarageBand provides you with, and listen to what you record. You can download GarageBand on any ios device such as your iPad, iPhone, and mac. This app is one of the best for any beginners because it has a simple format and also has a multitude of effects including reverb, echo, and distortion.

Logic Pro X:

Logic, or Logic Pro X, is a complex version of GarageBand that can only be used on a mac. Another difference is that Logic costs up to $200 but has so many benefits at this price point. Logic is one of the cheaper apps that is used professionally by pop artists and DJs. With more advanced settings, more effects such as exciters and delays, Logic Pro X is one of the best music-making apps out there!

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