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Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Students

by Angela Xu

Do you ever feel like you have piles upon piles of work left to do with no end in sight? I know that I’ve definitely found myself in this situation more times than I care to admit. A lot of the time, I’ll ask myself how I end up in these situations. Was it poor productivity? Just taking on more work than I could handle? or just procrastination?

While I can’t answer these questions, there are many Google Chrome extensions that can help solve these issues (or aid you in your work)! There is almost a Chrome Extension out there that can do almost anything – but as an avid Chrome Extension fan and high school student, I’ve limited it to the top 12 FREE Chrome Extensions that every student must have!

I’ve divided these extensions into 3 categories:

  1. For reading articles/notes
  2. For writing
  3. For productivity and organization

This article is divided into 2 parts, this article will share the extensions for category 1 (reading articles/notes) while next week we will reveal the Chrome Extensions for categories 2 and 3. Keep reading for some of the best hacks to help in your schoolwork! Enjoy!

For Reading Articles and Notes

Reading large documents, whether it’s a PDF, research article, or your notes can definitely be tiring and hurtful for your eyes! These chrome extensions all try to make your document-reading experience easier, more effective, and more enjoyable!

1. TLDR This

TLDR This is a free long article summarizing tool, it almost sounds too good to be true! In just a matter of seconds, this Chrome Extension can take any article (no PDFs or Google Docs) and compile the information into a half-page summary!

To get this extension on Google Chrome, click here, and to visit their website, click here!

2. WEAVA Highlighter

This is a Chrome Extension that allows you to highlight and annotate articles and PDFs. All edited documents are stored in a workspace like the one on the left so that you can easily review your notes and annotations! I definitely recommend this extension to anyone that does a lot of research.

To download, click here and to visit Weava’s website, click here.

Watch the short video (less than one minute) below for an explanation on what Weava does.

3. Swift Read (aka Spreed)

The average reading speed of most adults is around 200 – 250 words. But did you know through Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) you can double your reading speed? RSVP (in simple terms) eliminates the need for your eyes to move from line to line when reading, because all the words stay in the same spot. Don’t believe me? Try it out with this demonstration:

If you want to read articles at 400+ words per minute, get Swift Read! You can take any text and convert it into RSVP.

Click here to get the Chrome Extension and here to visit Swift Read’s website for more info!

4. Speechify

Speechify allows you to listen instead of read any documents or articles. Students can use this to listen to their essays, emails, notes, and much more! This is a great tool if you need to relax your eyes for a bit from staring at a computer screen for too long or use it to proof-read a paper before turning it in. You can even personalize the words per minute rate that the content is being read to you!

Click here for the Chrome Extension and here to visit their website.

Bonus! Tab Grouper

This one actually isn’t an extension, just a super helpful feature on Google Chrome that not many people know about! If you are someone that has tons of tabs open then this tip will change your life!

Simply right-click on a tab, and select the option “Add tab to a new group” – this allows you to title and color code a group of tabs. You can organize these tabs any way you want, a few suggestions are subject, urgency, or progress made.

Overall this is a super cool feature that I would definitely recommend you try out if you have an overwhelming number of tabs, for more info read this article.

This concludes the Chrome Extension recommendations I have for reading and research. Stay tuned for 8 more Chrome Extensions focusing on helping you write essays/papers as well as stay productive and organized!

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