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Paper Heart

by Kevin Cong

Hello to all of the single and dating people out there! I know that this article is a little bit late for valentine’s day, but it’s never too late for love! Today, since this is an arts article, I will be showing you all how to fold an Origami heart! Give this to your loved ones, friends, or really anyone as a nice little gift to make their day. Without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we? 


  1.  Square paper (make sure that it is square)


  1. Hamburger Fold the paper and fold one quarter to the crease


  1. Flip it over and fold it paper-airplane style


  1. Fold the two flaps in to the middle crease


  1. Flip it over and fold the corners in


  1. Fold it hamburger style


  1. Flip it over again and open up the little flaps into this shape


  1. Fold the two corners in


  1. Fold the top down


  1. BOOM! You got a heart now! Until next time!



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