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The Window in My Bedroom

by Brian Zhang

Upon my bedroom’s eastern side

I peek through the window far and wide


Gently a fresh-scented breeze

With deft and grace drifts over the trees,

Bringing spring right under my sill

From the flowering mimosa to the meadowlark’s bill


Branches wrought with dainty whites

And bright pink blossoms up to the heights

Reeds and grasses sway freely by

As insects flit and flick and fly;

Two-winged wonders small and big

Trilling tunes and dancing gigs

But far from the greens at this time,

What other fanciful creatures shine?

Day and night the sky above

Offers rays shimmering like a dove

Bouncing over the panel glass–

The work that mankind cannot surpass


From Dawn with all its spreading hues

No hand could create but a divine Muse

The golden chariot rides high and low,

But soon the shadows start lengthening slow

Dusk first mimicking the vibrance of Dawn

Then subsides to darkness with a graying yawn

But light remains with the crescent moon

Trickling rivulets in Clair de Lune


Through the window might I gaze

And wonder what lies beyond the haze

I strive and aspire to seek out more

But barriers await me as I try to explore


As I look to embark on an adventure

And pursue a new life that I treasure

The obstacles come not without but within

Fears and doubts of loss not win

Of failure before those who care

And others around I am aware

The world beyond the horizon is vast

Ought it be left to the future at last?


All from my window can I view

The lives, lights, and longing that filter through

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